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  • Terica Drysdale

The Importance of Environmental Education for the Future of Our Planet

Climate Change, Education, Environmental Education, Intersectionality

Environmental education is a discipline that enables people to investigate environmental problems, work on solutions and take steps to protect the environment. As a result, people should have a deeper comprehension of environmental problems and poses the knowledge and abilities to take sensible decisions.

Environmental Education should ensure that:

  • Environmental issues and climate change are known and understood.

  • The intersection between environmental issues and different groups of people are understood and clear. 

  • Environmentally conscious mindsets and a drive to maintain or enhance environmental quality.

  • The capacity to recognize and address environmental issues.

  • Taking part in activities that help to solve environmental problems.

But why is it necessary?

One of the main reasons is that, we are all exposed to the catastrophic effects of the climate crisis. The effects of the climate crisis does not pick and choose who it affects, everybody is affected. It is therefore important that all groups within our society are adequately educated on sustainability and have a general consensus of what is happening at our shore, in our atmosphere and environment.

"Education is one of the most important tool in educating environmental issues and injustice." – Terica Drysdale

Mandate environmental issues in all school curriculum- A call for action

From Kindergarten, primary, secondary, tertiary and for children with disabilities, school curriculums should include environmental educational materials.

Children are not too young to learn about how the climate crisis is affecting them and people with disabilities are certainly not incapable of knowing about what is happening around them.

People with disabilities have a right to contribute to environmental decision makings.

Everybody needs to know what the climate crisis is about and what they can do to build a climate resilient Jamaica.

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Terica Drysdale
Terica Drysdale
Apr 09


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